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Hi Miss Cheryl and Melissa!
Hope you are doing well! We are all doing good and are settling into our new home and life in Lafayette! Shaan had his first kindergarten parent teacher conference this week and wanted to let you know how well he's doing! Not just academically but his teacher kept saying how kind and helpful he is and that he's such a 'delight' to have in class! I told her about OSPS and how he has learned those values there :) I wanted to share it with you since I know it is a matter of pride for all of us!
Trisha is also doing well in 6th grade in middle school, especially considering how not happy she was with the move! Thank you both for being such a positive influence in my children's lives..OSPS is probably the best investment that Arun and I have made for our children's future!!
Warm regards,

We love good news about our families and hearing when students shine!