A Foundation for Learning

Our school Preschool, founded in 1974 by Cheryl Stumbaugh, brings the perfect blend of instruction, fun and classroom structure to your child's introduction to the world of education.

Cheryl Stumbaugh or Miss Cheryl, as she is more commonly known, started the preschool in 1974.  Cheryl has a certificate in Early Childhood Education, a CA State Teaching Credential in Child Care, and has served as Department Chair for Parent Education with the Fairfield-Suisun Adult School for the past twenty years.  Miss Cheryl's goal every year is to establish a positive working relationship among staff and parents - creating a welcoming and family type atmosphere.

Melissa Lanza, or Miss Melissa began teaching at Our School Preschool in 2008.  Melissa brings her experience as a former Our School Preschool Parent, child care provider, and school volunteer.  Her creative ideas, communication with the kids and unique touches have made our program exciting and educational.

Ashley Toscani, or Miss Ashley, began teaching with us in 2019 and brings 10 years of primary teaching to our class as well as being a past, current and future parent in our program.  Ashley's experience and new ideas are a great addition! She also brings the parent perspective and keeps us informed on current school happenings.

Kenny Stumbaugh or Mr. Kenny, a former California Highway Patrol Officer, is the loving husband to Miss Cheryl for 50 years, a supportive father, and caring and available grandparent.  His bookkeeping, handyman and maintenance skills are exceptional and Our School Preschool could not function without his wonderful abilities.

Our Vision Statement

The Our School Preschool vision is based on the belief that children are individuals who are learning and growing.  Within a child-size world the focus of the preschool will be:

To Provide a warm loving environment.

To Give individualized attention within the context of a group setting.

To Foster an acceptance of self and of the differences in others.

To Develop a sense of respect and a caring attitude that comes from freedom within limits.

To Learn actively through play.